Program Descriptions
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  A Visit with Mrs. G
Host: Dr. Kitty Anna Griffiths

Description: This weekly program shares timeless Bible stories to a second generation. This delightful program is filled with varied character voices, background music, sound effects and easy-to-follow biblical truths.

Phone: 800-828-0903
  A Word With You
Host: Ron Hutchcraft

Description: This 5 minute radio broadcast communicates the truth of the Gospel in everyday language to those dying without Christ and also mobilizes others to join in rescuing the lost.

Phone: 877-741-1200
  Adventures In Odyssey

Description: This 25 minute kids broadcast presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience. These character-building dramas are created by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths.

Phone: 800-232-6459
  American Indian Living
Host: David DeRose M.D.

Description: This is a one-hour weekly talk show focusing on health issues in Indian country. The show covers a broad range of health issues, viewed in a holistic way in keeping with traditional Native perspectives.

Phone: 580-504-2683
  Answers In Genesis
Host: Ken Ham

Description: This program is dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

Phone: 800-350-3232
  Back to Genesis
Host: Dr. John Morris

Description: A one-minute daily program with the President of the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John Morris, helping us to focus on Creation as the beginning of mankind.

Phone: 800-337-0395
  Better Way To Live
Host: Pastor Shawn Boonstra

Description: A daily devotional program designed to help you connect with Jesus Christ.

Phone: 805-955-7611
  Between the Lines
Host: Pastor Don Pate

Description: Pastor Don Pate gives you a deeper, enriching concept of Scripture understanding shared in a very easy, conversational style. His insights are shared from a Biblically based Jewish mindset as taught by the only gentile graduate in the history of the famed Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.

Website: http://www.given2you.com
Email: obed4hamelek@gmail.com
  Bible Answers Live
Host: Pastor Doug Batchelor

Description: A Live weekly radio program hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor that takes questions live from callers Sunday nights for one hour. You can also hear Encore presentations of Bible Answers Live throughout the week on LifeTalk Radio.

Phone: Call In LIVE on Sunday evenings at 10pm (Eastern): 1-800-GOD-SAYS (463-7297)
For all other times, contact: 1 (800) 538-7275
  Bible Explorers Club

Description: A Bible based program for kids, by kids. Take 15 minutes and meet with Hosts Carla and Andy. Tasha is the World traveling reporter and James is the resident genius. Learn from stories in the Bible and from their own experiences.

Phone: 304-258-4491
  Bible Talk
Hosts: Pastor Gary Gibbs & Pastor John Bradshaw

Description: This 15 minute weekly program offers answers from the Bible. The pastors discuss themes that affect your life today and teach you how to deepen your understanding of God's word.

Phone: 916-434-3889
  Breath of Life
Host: Dr. Carlton P. Byrd

Description: Join Pastor Byrd each week as he strives to give you the tools to build and maintain a spiritual relationship with God. This program will bring God alive to you from a contemporary, urban perspective.

Phone: 877-265-6333
  By the Way
Host: Paul Devantier

Description: This is short 90-second message often described as a "Thought for the Day." One program is produced for each day of the year.

Phone: 800-325-6333
  Children's Bible Journey

Description: This is a 50 minute kids broadcast featuring Bible stories and songs for kids

Phone: 800-775-HOPE (4673)
  CHIP Health (and) Healthy By Choice
Host: Dr. Hans Diehl

Description: CHIP Health and Healthy By Choice are talk shows that helps improve your health. To find ways to live a healthy, happy and vibrant life tune in to these programs on LifeTalk Radio.

Phone: 909-796-7676
  Christian Working Woman
Host: Mary Lowman

Description: The purpose of the program is to equip and encourage Christians in the workplace to love Christ more and to demonstrate this love by applying Biblical principles to their lives.

Phone: 800-292-1218
  Classical Conversations on Homeschooling
Host: Leigh Bortins

Description: This informative two-minute daily radio program addresses a wide variety of topics—educational, legal and spiritual—all of which are of interest to any parent, whether they have made the decision to home school or are considering home education for their children.

Phone: 719-536-9000 x127
  Creation Moments
Host: Ian Taylor

Description: A daily two-minute radio broadcast which features a scientific fact of nature that points to deliberate design, not evolutionary chance.

Phone: 800-422-4253

Description: Hosted by Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra and Associate Speaker Jean Boonstra, Disclosure is talk radio with an emphasis on Bible study and prophecy. Topics are rooted in current events and trends, and each program illustrates how the Bible's perspective on today's issues is more relevant than ever.

Phone: 805-955-7611
  Discovery Mountain

Description: This weekly 30 minute dramatized audio program is for listeners of all ages. Experience adventure, mystery, camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus. Discovery Mountain is a ministry of the Voice of Prophecy.

Website: www.discoverymountain.com
  Education Currents
Hosts: Dr. Rose Gamblin

Description: This weekly 30 minute broadcast helps provide parents with information on how they can help their children get the best education possible. This program also explores current education issues.

Phone: 301-824-3162
  Every Word
Host: Pastor John Bradshaw

Description: Every Word provides a daily spiritual boost for busy people. In each one-minute broadcast, Pastor John Bradshaw focuses on one verse per day, with a new devotional every day of the week!  Find hope and encouragement from Every Word!

Phone: 805-433-0210
  Family Life Today
Hosts: Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine

Description: This program provides practical, Biblical tools to address the issues affecting your family. At the core of every program is motivation and encouragement for your family.

Phone: 800-358-6329
  Family Minute
Host: Dr. Bill Maier

Description: This 60-second "nugget" offers solid answers to many of life's questions.

Phone: 800-232-6459
  Freedom's Ring
Host: Alan J. Reinach, Esq.

Description: This is a 15 minute weekly broadcast that is helping to proclaim Religious liberty throughout the land with a focus on current events.

Phone: 877-332-3733
  Frontier Missions Journal

Description: This is a 15 minute weekly broadcast sharing exciting stories from missionaries around the world.  You will hear how the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is reaching distant areas of the world that have never heard about Jesus.  This program is produced by Adventist Frontier Missions, Inc.

Phone: 800-937-4236
  God's Treasure Chest
Host: Charles Mills

Description: These are two-minute radio spots of children asking questions and finding answers from God’s Treasure Chest.

Phone: 304-258-4491
  Got A Minute For Your Family
Host: Dr. Kay Kuzma

Description: This short daily broadcast promotes wholesome family relationships. Kay received her masters in child development at Michigan State University and her doctorate in early childhood education from UCLA. Her parenting books and resources are available at AdventSource: http://www.adventsource.org/

Email: kaykuzma@aol.com
  Health & Longevity
Host: Dr. John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD, CNS

Description: This program is dedicated to providing you with the latest cutting edge information about Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle Medicine so you can live a vibrant, healthy and long life!
Features Health & Longevity News and Research, Answers your questions about nutrition and health, Features special interviews with leading health authorities and personalities.

Phone: 805-722-7958
Hosts: Captain Marion Platt and Mrs. Meagan Hofer

Description: This 1 minute program has plain talk about real life, drawn from the "caring and sharing" ministry of The Salvation Army. The program's title says it all. As the heart is the core of life, so the essence of life is God.

Phone: 404-728-6700
Hosts: Charles Mills interviews Dr. Jim Marcum and other guests from the medical profession

Description: This lively 30 minute broadcast provides you with Truth, Love & Healing. If you want to feel great and live a life that's full of energy and joy listen to HeartWise and begin to really live!

Phone: 423-402-0723
  Homeschool Companion
Host: Dr. Rose Gamblin

Description: This 30 minute broadcast is dedicated to home-based education. It provides the latest research on topics for working with, or ministering to children and teens. The show is designed for multi-generational listening, with a story for kids, as well as important information for parents and grandparents.

Phone: 301-824-3162
  Hope On Fire
Host: Chris Lang

Description: This 30 minute broadcast provides relevant talk radio for Young Adults! Hope On Fire is broadcast worldwide with a mission of helping young adults stay connected to Jesus and keep their Hope on Fire! The Bible says we are complete in Christ (Colossians 2:10) and that "we live, and move, and have our being" in Him (Acts 17:28). When this worldview becomes our life compass, this same fire (symbolized here by the burning bush) burns inside us - shining light and hope everywhere we go.

Phone: 321-396-2280
  It Is Written
Host: Pastor John Bradshaw

Description: It Is Written is dedicated to sharing insights from God's Word to meet people's needs through the living Christ. It is a half hour internationally syndicated weekly broadcast.

Phone: 800-253-3000
   Jesus 101
 Host: Elizabeth Talbot

Description: Jesus 101 is a lively 13 minute Christ-centered program that introduces you to the real Jesus of the gospel and equips you to share His love with others. You can also get a daily boost from her short 1 minute feature called "Plug Into Life".

Phone: 805-955-7684
  Joe Crews Classics
Host: Joe Crews

Description: This classic 15-minute radio program features Amazing Facts founder Joe Crews. He begins with an amazing scientific or historical fact followed by a biblical message that will open your eyes to amazing Bible truth!

Phone: 916-434-3889
  Jonathan Park

Description: Enjoy an exciting journey into the world of Jonathan Park. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries — all designed to build your faith! This 30 minute kids broadcast, helps provide families and individuals with scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Word of God. It continues to give answers to tough questions that have caused many to leave the faith.

Phone: 866-440-0022
  Joni and Friends
Host: Joni Eareckson Tada 

Description: On this program, Joni Eareckson Tada tackles issues relating to disability awareness and she provides personal, Biblically inspired insight into some of life's tougher questions. Her contagious joy and unwavering faith provide hope for thousands who find themselves faced with life's crippling blows.

Phone: 888-522-5664
Host: Joy Greene

Description: Joytime is a 60-second radio vignette written and produced by founder, Joy Greene. God has given Joy a passion for teaching His Word and encouraging women in their walk with Him. Through Joytime, Joy encourages her listeners in their walk with Jesus Christ. Joytime vignettes are upbeat and full of energy. Joytime is an encouraging word from God’s Word!

Phone: 704-989-8891
  Lamplighter Theatre

Description: A 30 minute broadcast for kids of all ages. Lamplighter Theatre helps to build character one story at a time. Through the powerful role models of Lamplighter’s heroes and heroines, this broadcast is helping to change the lives of the young and young at heart.

Phone: 888-246-7735
  Lessons From Luke
Host: Pastor Andrew Shurtliff

Description: Join Pastor Andrew as he shares lessons of hope and encouragement from the Gospel of Luke that benefits your live today!
Email: ashurtliff@gccsda.com
Host: Pastor Dwight Lehnhoff

Description: LifeQuest is a 1/2 hour program of interviews with Christian authors on a variety of subjects  The topics range from practical Christian living and discipleship to theology and basic Christian teaching. Dwight's background as a pastor, teacher and talk show host makes this program entertaining and informative.  If you are a Christian author, feel free to contact Dwight here.
Phone: 865-803-1811
  LifeQuest Liberty
Hosts: Charles Mills & Lincoln Steed

Description: Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Year by year, our personal freedoms have been vanishing without protest. Join Charles Mills and Lincoln Steed, in this lively 30 minute weekly broadcast, as they take a hard look at our religious liberty.

Phone: 304-258-4491
  Lifestyle Magazine
Host: Mike Tucker

Description: Lifestyle Magazine offers a close look at health, relationships, finances, and other real-life topics. It is informative, moving, and sometimes disturbing, but always relevant! Lifestyle Magazine provides help and hope for the challenging issues of today’s world.

Phone: 888-940-0062
  Lineage Journey
Host: Adam Ramdin

Description: Lineage is a multi-faceted educational broadcast designed to help you understand your spiritual heritage and explore the links between the past, present and future. History shapes your identity; identity defines your mission and a clear mission determines the trajectory of your entire life. You can also watch this broadcast at the link listed below.

Website: http://www.lineagejourney.com/category/episodes/
  Message of Hope

Description: This daily broadcast will bring you inspiring hope-filled messages from God's Word!  Each speaker will help you grow in your walk with the Lord.  You'll find hope for these times in God's Word!

Email: messageofhope@lifetalk.net
Phone: 800-775-4673
Hosts: Howard Dayton & Steve Moore

Description: This is a half-hour program that helps you handle money God’s way. This broadcast provides listeners with an opportunity to talk about the financial challenges they're facing. MoneyWise also includes consumer-oriented features, financial news and commentaries aimed at helping people practice sound, Biblical stewardship.

Phone: 800-525-7000
  More Abundant Life
Host: Pastor Wintley Phipps

Description: Pastor Wintley Phipps brings you a Christ-centered message of hope and encouragement from God's Word. He also shares his inspirational music during this weekly broadcast. Phipps is an ordained minister, world-renowned vocal artist, and innovative initiator of special projects such as the US Dream Academy.

Phone: 301-520-2960
  Murph's Positive Reflections
Host: Thomas Vincent Murphy

Description: We are a Christian Variety Program with music, thoughts on health and life itself. The goal of the Murphy family and our guests is to give positive encouragement to others throughout the world; and remind them that we serve an awesome God who cares for each of us with an undying, powerful love.

Phone: 850-209-9809
  My Money Life
Host: Chuck Bentley

Description: This is a daily two-minute broadcast that provides practical advice and Biblical guidelines relating to money management from Crown Financial Ministries. Helping you find True Financial Freedom!

Phone: 800-722-1976
  New Life Live!
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, and Dr. Jill Hubbard

Description: A one hour live, interactive talk radio program which deals with mental health, emotional, relational and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective. Through on-air counsel and a network of Christian therapist's nationwide, New Life Ministries is equipped to be a fully-orbed resource for the treatment of mental and spiritual health issues. The New Life Live! radio broadcast is often the first link for those struggling to find genuine help and hope.

Phone: 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433)
  New Perceptions
Host: Pastor Dwight Nelson

Description: Pioneer is an international church that represents more than 200 countries. So no matter where you're from, you're invited to worship with us on LifeTalk Radio. This weekly worship service will provide thoughtful, inspiring, and Bible-based messages from Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church located in Berrien Springs, MI.

Phone: 269-471-3134
Host: Bill Pearce

Description: Through touching many of the "stressors" that most of us face, the prescription of excitingly beautiful and mellow music and verbal support of Bill Pierce, Nightsounds meets the needs of those who need a touch of quiet, soul satisfying inspiration and hope.

Phone: 866-679-6142
  Pacific Press Profiles
Host: Charles Mills

Description: This weekly 30 minute broadcast highlights either a Christian author or a music artist whose works are distributed by Pacific Press®.

Phone: 304-258-4491
  Pictures of the End
Host: Dr. Tim Rumsey

Description: Each weekly broadcast explores a "picture" of today's world through the lens of Bible prophecy, history, and current events.  Dr. Tim Rumsey will help you learn what the Bible really teaches about the religious, political, natural, and social forces at work in our world. This program is produced by Pathway to Paradise Ministries.

Phone: 888-856-5827
  Parenting Today's Teens
Host: Pastor Mark Gregston

Description: Parenting Today's Teens offers biblical insights and practical wisdom for parents wanting a deeper relationship with their teen.

Phone: 903-668-2173 ext. 37
  Sabbath School Study Hour
Host: Pastor Doug Batchelor

Description: This weekly 60 minute broadcast comes from the Granite Bay Church in Sacramento, CA. You'll get fresh and in-depth biblical insights from a popular Bible study lesson being used by many churches across the country.

Phone: 916-434-3889
  Science, Scripture & Salvation
Host: John Morris

Description: "A Creation-Radio Journal," in a weekly15-minute captivating news format on the latest scientific proof that the Bible can be trusted!

Phone: 619-448-0900
  Scriptural Pursuit
Host: Glenn Russell

Description: This is a 30-minute weekly radio broadcast that explores Biblical themes with a three member discussion panel. You’re invited to open your Bible and follow along with the weekly lesson study. This broadcast is a production of Andrews University!

Phone: 269-471-6314
  Sink the Beagle
Hosts: Dr. John Kurlinski and Dr. Stan Hudson

Description: Dr. John Kurlinski and Dr. Stan Hudson, both with D.Min's, host a program that takes a lighthearted look at the issues surrounding creationism and darwinism. The title Sink the Beagle is derived from the fact that in 1831 Charles Darwin began a journey on the H.M.S. Beagle during which he formulated his theory of evolution. John and Stan take aim and fire freely at this theory. They have a very entertaining style of delivery while maintaining a firm grounding in scripture.

Phone: 208-301-1198
  Someone Cares Prison Ministry
Host: Don & Yvonne McClure

Description: This is a 15-minute weekly prison ministry broadcast produced by LifeTalk Radio!  Someone Cares, is reaching out to inmates in major and minor prisons through a risk free letter correspondence program.  This ministry provides you with a safe way to bring hope and encouragement to those living in prison.

Phone: 260-387-7423
Email: sdapm@someonecares.org
  Spirit and Truth
Host: Pastor Jeff Scoggins

Description: Join Pastor Scoggins for his weekly message designed to help everyday Christians discover extraordinary insights into God’s word.

Phone: 240-381-4513
  Steps To Christ
Host: Pastor Dave Tucker

Description: Short inspirational thoughts taken from the book Steps To Christ by Ellen G. White.

Phone: 800-775-4673
  Stories from the Book
Hosts: HMS Richards, Jr. and Jan Judd

Description: Former Speaker of The Voice of Prophecy produced a weekly radio broadcast for kids that is still enjoyed today. He puts himself into the characters of the Bible stories and shares them with a unique historical aspect.

Phone: 805-955-7611
  The Bible In Living Sound

Description: This daily and weekly radio broadcast get kids really excited about the Bible! These stories, with music and "live" sound effects leave impressions of lasting beauty and wonder in Bible stories. These stunning reenacted nondenominational dramatizations captivate listeners of all ages as they are enriched by the values taught in God's Word.

Phone: 800-634-0234
  The Book

Description: Enjoy a minute a day with the best selling book of all time with The Book from Museum of the Bible. These powerful daily broadcasts will provide you with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible through the ages.

Phone: 866-430-MOTB (6682)
  The Word
Host: Nicholas Hope

Description: A daily 5 minute reading of God's word without commentary.

Phone: 800-775-HOPE (4673)
  These Times Radio Magazine
Host: Dwight Lehnhoff

Description: This 30 minute radio broadcast is produced in a magazine type format. It explores various topics of interest that affect our lives today. Each broadcast is divided into short segments, such as the: Religious News Page, the Bible Page, Book Page, etc.

Phone: 865-803-1811

Description: These broadcasts are about Real people...real life stories...stirring, dramatic accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything. UNSHACKLED! the award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives. Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by sin — by our wrong choices, disobedience and selfish motives. But God is at work, and the power of Christ sets us free of our bondage. We are... UNSHACKLED!

Phone: 312-492-9410
Host: Max Lucado

Description: As the "Teaching Ministry of Max Lucado," UpWords exists for the sole purpose of encouraging others to take one step closer to Jesus Christ.

Phone: 800-822-9673
  Voice of Prophecy
Host: Shawn Boonstra

Description: The Voice of Prophecy presents important Bible teachings in the context of current events making Christ's message relevant to people's needs while pointing in hope to a better day when Christ returns. Tune in to the 15 minute daily broadcast, as well as the 60 minute weekly broadcast here on LifeTalk Radio.

Phone: 805-955-7611
  Walkin' On Water
Host: Tom Macomber

Description: This broadcast provide you with the best in gospel bluegrass music, presented by a friendly, Christ centered radio host. Each hour-long, commercial free program features great music interspersed with information about the musicians and a brief devotional thought.

Phone: 951-314-3745
  We Kids
Host: Mr. Nick

Description: "Hi, Hey Hello again! Here we go with another edition of Bible-based radio for the younger generation and the young-at-heart." But it's more than fun. Mr Nick, your host makes We Kids a Christ-centered time of learning. It's good for growing kids, it's good for the whole family.

Email: MrNick@WeKids.org
Host: Pastor Jerry Arnold

Description: Wellspring is a sermon series featuring the thoughtful, inspiring, and Bible-based messages of Pastor Jerry Arnold from the Collegedale Community Church in Collegedale, TN

Phone: 423-396-5464
  Wonders In The Word
Host: Pastor Doug Batchelor

Description: This powerful 30-minute radio program features inspiring, hope-filled messages that will help you understand God’s amazing Word like never before. Join Pastor Doug as he challenges the way you think about life, God, prophecy, and more!

Phone: 800-538-7275
  Your Bible and You
Hosts: Dwight Lehnhoff and Rick Grieve

Description: This is a 30 minute weekly study of the Bible. Each week the pastors discuss themes that affect your life and help you to grow as you study God's Word.

Phone: 865-803-1811
  Your Story Hour
Hosts: Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan

Description: Dramatized half hour stories taken from sacred and secular history and true-life situations, build character and equip today's youth for life's challenges and good decision-making. Your Story Hour provides wholesome character-building entertainment for the whole family.

Phone: 800-987-7879.