Revive! Experiencing God Seminar Information

We are excited to bring you a special presentation called Revive! Experiencing God Seminar coming from Anchorage, Alaska.This special seminar will bring Christ-centered messages from  various speakers that will help you learn how you can experience God in your  life.You can hear these special broadcasts on LifeTalk  Radio June 9 - 17, 2012.

Special Program Schedule (June 9-17) (download schedule)

LifeTalk Radio will be bringing you:

1. Revive – Experiencing God Seminar–Various Speakers  (download brochure)
2. Revive – Mad About Marriage Seminar – Mike & Gayle Tucker (download brochure)
3. Revive – Family Reunion Concert – September 17, 2012 (download brochure)

LifeTalk Radio would like to give you a FREE copy of the book Steps To Christ  to help you grow and experience God more fully each day! Just call 1-800-775-4673 and let the receptionist know that you heard about this special FREE offer on LifeTalk Radio. 

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